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Food Truck

              To start with – What is Food Truck? It is simply a restaurant on wheels. There are different food trucks like desserts, frozen or pre-packaged food trucks while others have on-board kitchens.

With a new ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ coming from all over the countries. What a Food Truck owner do? Cry, get frustrated, and sell his food truck and search for a new job? Absolutely Not! Gone are the days where things used to work in a traditional way. The world has changed to technology long back. Knowing about the technologies and implementing them are two different sides. Food Truck has to be emerged to Online Business by starting an Online Food Ordering and Delivery system. Even if this pandemic situation would have not been there, I highly recommend that food trucks should have an online presence.

What makes Food Trucks different?

The biggest advantage of having a Food Truck is they often change locations on a weekly basis and attract customers. That’s the reason they reach the customers directly than a dine-in the restaurant. Also, there are low overheads & requires less staff than a restaurant. In this COVID-19 situation, dine-in orders have stopped and you cannot wander from place to place as the government has restricted to do so. 

It is time to bring back your sales by having an Online Food Ordering and Delivery System. This will help you to take orders online on website or mobile phone and have the option of delivery. When the situation changes – you can take online orders, change your locations, and make deliveries. 

Food Truck & Online Food Ordering and Delivery System – A Perfect Match

Food trucks having an online food ordering and delivery system will surely have a 60% increase in sales as people will love to eat fresh food at the best price. All you need is to select the right location, be online, and make food that awaits customers.

Food Truck

Benefits of Having an Online Ordering and Delivery SYstem

Increase in Order Count

Maybe its trending or convenient to order online as most of the people are on their mobile phones or laptops. As you have already reached people by changing the locations, your online presence will make them happy. They can eat mouth-watering food in their budget at their homes or offices.

Wide Range of Customers

It’s not possible to wander each and every place and check whether there is a target market at that place. Even if you wish to do so, it will take a lot of time and energy. Instead, an online food ordering system makes it possible to reach a wider area as people will order from various places.

Real-time Analytics

Online ordering and delivery system comes up with the reports such as sell by item, sell-by food category, location sales. This helps food truck owners to understand the buying behavior of consumers and they can act accordingly for their business.

No Manual Work 

As the system makes everything automatic from taking orders, saving customer orders details, printing receipts to real-time analytics of food menus and locations, there is no manual work. This helps you to focus more on the orders of the customers.

Changed Mindset 

If you don’t have an online presence, there is a mindset of whether you are going to make sales today or not. You keep wandering place to place, what if there are no orders? There will always be a question – Which place should I go today?  Online presence helps to have a good mindset as you can start your day with a free mind as you already know that there are orders.

Planned Work

 As food truck owner will know how many orders are there today by having an online presence, he can buy required set of inventories, prepare the exact amount of meals which helps from wastage of food and preparation time.

Hassle Free Orders and Delivery

Online Ordering makes food truck staff give food in an easy way. There will be no crowd as to who will get the food first.

              Noshway comes up with a Food Truck Online Ordering & Delivery System where you can update your food menu easily, can keep special food items for weekends, disable food item if it’s not available, real-time reports and many other features which are perfect for any food truck. For marketing strategies of food truck, you can check Best Food Truck Marketing Strategies.

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