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7 best takeaway marketing ideas for restaurants


               Most of the restaurant owners limit themselves to dine-in. In early 2020, restaurants were forced to shut down dine-in services in many countries. Those who choose to remain open are allowed to provide food via takeaway and delivery only. Even when they reopen dine-in service, customers will prefer takeaway for safety. For this, it’s essential to focus on takeaway promotion to generate revenue.

               The problem with many restaurant owners is that they restrict their promotions to traditional marketing principles like the big bright sign at the entrance and seasonal discounts. So, if you run a takeaway business and want to boost revenue then you are at the right place.

Below are the marketing ideas for takeaway business that will help you in a long run.

Take benefit of Social Media

The first thing we suggest is that make social media presence for a takeaway marketing strategy. It’s free, wider reach, and easy to master. Make sure you have business accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can use Snapchat and WhatsApp for existing customers. Set up profiles with information like takeaway opening hours, prices, etc. Later post pictures, recipes, discount offers on regular basis. Make use of hashtags to reach a wider audience. 

Learn effective food photography

Takeaway food photography

Taste is the important factor for restaurant business. But one cannot taste food online. Therefore, what is the best way to attract customers? It is posting good pictures of mouth-watering dishes. This applies to all social media platforms but particularly useful for Instagram. There are chances that viewers will stop scrolling and hopefully click on your website link and order food. So, choose your best menu, present your food in an attractive way and do effective food photography.

Presence on Online Food Ordering Platform

food ordering

Nothing can grow your business sales than a food ordering system. In the digital world, customers want everything easy and on finger tips. Having your presence on online food ordering platform helps customers to order easily sitting at home. Further, they can repeat the orders, apply offers etc. Restaurants can upload attractive restaurant menu, pictures, set offers as and when required through the system itself. Ordering through online platform, selecting takeaway is the quick and best way for safety of the customers.

Promote Clever Deals

In this competitive market, it is necessary to set clever offers so that customers tend to order from you. Apart from food photography, one thing customers will lean towards is the exciting offer. Your customers will be happy if it is free drink/dessert discount or percentage off the bill. Also, they cannot resist a money-saving offer.

Perfect Email Marketing

There are plenty of things to write about in your email newsletter. But it is best to keep short, concise and to the point. There are different tools available for newsletter such as Mailchimp, MailerLite, Campaign Monitor etc. Too many emails will make your customer lose interest and unsubscribe the plan. Instead send emails when there are new offers, exciting menu change or a coupon on their birthdays.

Take advantage of Food Bloggers

Food blog

How can food bloggers help your business? Taking reviews from them is the best way of marketing your business. Ask them to write a food blog of your restaurant or post articles on social media. In return, you can offer them a free meal or give discount vouchers. Getting promising reviews from food bloggers will definitely help in sales growth.

Create interesting content on regular basis

Best way to improve your SEO is to add fresh content to your website on regular basis. The simplest way of doing is creating blogs. Create blogs of recipes, client diaries, menu changes. Post this blog monthly or weekly. You can use your photography skills in your blog as well. 

               It is important to look at your business from customers point of view. You have to offer better than your competition but without risking damage to profits. Above mentioned marketing tips for takeaway business will maximize the success of your brand.

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