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9 Best Food Truck Marketing Strategies

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               The Food Trucks Industry has expanded over the six years now and for a very good reason. Consumers changing behavior in favor of taste, uniqueness, and at less prices. An advantage of having a food truck system is they change their locations and understand customers’ preferences regarding the food. Food trucks are competing not just with other food trucks but also the restaurants and dark kitchens. Hence, to be successful in the business, food truck owners must heed specific tips for marketing and managing their food trucks.

Below are the most effectual ideas for a successful food truck business –

Why is your Food Truck different from others?

As you are into competition with many other outlets, one should understand the USP of your venture. No doubt, the taste is an important factor when it comes to the food business, but one should know what is that unique thing you can offer to your customers. People sell various types of cuisines everywhere. Your unique dish and taste can make a huge difference to attract customers to order more from your food truck. It’s better to start your business in a niche market where your food can be reached to a larger audience. 

Apart from food, it’s very important to have the branding of your food truck. Branding includes a good name, logo, and tagline. Branding should be such that it defines you and your business.

Social Media – A Cost Effective Way

Having a presence on social media platforms and using them as a marketing tool is the biggest benefit for generating sales. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for posting your food, locations, and events. Using correct hashtags will make a variation in reaching the public as there are many hashtags on these sites for food. Majorly people are seen engaged in food-related stuff on these platforms. So, it’s the best way for you to communicate with people by posting mouth-watering images of food items, live cooking videos, etc. 

Mentioning the location of the food truck in a post will help customers to know that you are serving at their place as well so there are chances to get more orders. You can create events through these mediums where people can gather and eat food they love.

 Marketing on social media is the most cost-effective way with a larger audience. According to the survey, many restaurant owners have said that social media marketing is one of the best ways for revenue generation.

Online Ordering System Is A Must

Online Food Ordering System

Even though you have a food truck and a good sale, you should never ignore the Online Food Ordering System as nothing can beat it in terms of sales. Having a good website and apps will help you to increase sales on another level. People are in the digital world and mostly 90% of people are using their phones constantly. 

Having an Online Food Ordering System will help customers to order food online. People who have tasted your food earlier will be your regular consumers as they can see their favorite food truck updates on their phones. You can mention owners, chefs, and staff stories; display luscious dishes, cooking videos, locations, menus, and many more on the website. You can categorize your weekdays and weekends menu easily by food management feature in an Ordering System. 

Order Taking application makes it easy to manage all these activities via an app. You can mention website details on social media so that customers are redirected directly to your website and order tempting food. For more advantages of having an online ordering system, you can check The Advantages of Online Ordering & Delivery System for Food Trucks.

Offer Delivery

Food Truck Delivery Boy

Offering a delivery will surely increase your sales. Considering COVID-19, it’s difficult for you to take a food truck everywhere. Instead, you can hire delivery boys who will deliver food to the customers. Otherwise, also there are customers who are away from you but would like to taste your food. They can simply order from the website and choose delivery if you have a delivery system.

Social Staff

Happy Staff

There is a saying ‘You Will Get What You See’. This completely applies to a food business. As a food truck owner, you will require staff like chefs, waiters, etc. You have to be sure that the staff is friendly to the customers and creates a happy environment. 

Just having a good taste will not make you achieve profits. The only word of mouth is enough to make or break the business. If your staff is not friendly or is being rude to the customer, there are high chances that the customer will tell about the bad service and not food. 

For repeat consumers, it is necessary to treat them well every time. Hence, while hiring the staff, always keep in mind that their social skills will help you to grow your business.


Consumer details are saved in the database when you use an Online Food Ordering System. This data can be used in Email and SMS marketing by sending them emails/SMS regarding new food items, special dishes, events, or discounts. It takes less effort to reach existing consumers and make profits than new ones. You need to understand the campaign time as before lunch or dinner for high conversion rates. You can add a newsletter that sends automated emails to all the customers in the database.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are the best way to retain customers and attract new ones. By creating different programs like an offer on first purchase, referrals, or loyalty points system will encourage customers to buy from you the next time. Online Food  Ordering System comes up with a loyalty program system which helps you to manage it easily.

Appealing Food Truck Design

If there are 10 food trucks in a row then how one is going to approach you for the first time? They have not tasted your food nor experienced friendly staff. It’s the beautifully designed food truck which will attract and make them walk towards you. It’s very important to have an appealing food truck that will draw customers’ attention and will encourage them to buy from you. 

This also comes with the hygiene that should be maintained in and out of the food trucks, which also makes a difference in growing your customers. Sales will be increased when you post your well-designed food truck pictures on the website or on social media.

Host and Take Part in Events

Food truck event

If you want to grow business vastly then just having a food truck will not make a major impact. Participating in various events will help you to reach a new audience. Events can be like catering jobs, school gatherings, office meetups, concerts on festivals, neighborhood events, etc. Make sure your menu card is ready and you highlight your USP

You can even create your own events by putting on social media. You can invite selected customers, food bloggers for tasting sessions for feedback and to widen the reach.

               If you are passionate and willing to try new marketing ways to grow your food truck business, make sure you implement the ones mentioned above. 

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