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Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas For January

Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas for January

               Traditionally, January is the slowest month of the year for restaurants. There are several reasons for it. New year resolutions, cold weather, spending huge money on celebrations, and exhaustion after big holidays. Restaurant owners enjoy their peak period of business from Thanksgiving to New Year. Even though owners and employees are bone-tired after stressful work during holidays, they should not repose. In fact, they should work harder to drive sales in a slow month. January is challenging for the restaurateurs. What this means for restaurant owners is as soon as the New Year starts, they have to work on marketing campaigns. Below are some of the restaurant marketing ideas for January that can turn your business.

Celebrate Unknown Food Days

There are a lot of unknown food day holidays in January that restaurant can celebrate. There are a number of menu items that have the month of January dedicated to them. They are – National Hot Tea MonthNational Oatmeal Month, National Slow Cooking MonthNational Soup MonthNational Baking MonthNational Fat-Free Living MonthFat-Free Living Month. Food days like National Bloody Mary Day, National Popcorn Day, National Gourmet Coffee Day, International Hot and Spicy Food Day, National Chocolate Cake Day, National Peanut Butter Day and many more.

This gives a perfect reason for restaurants to make special discounts and increase sales. You can offer discounts on any of these days as January’s complete month is filled with food days. In addition, engage your customers on social networking sites by what is their favorite hot and spicy food on International Hot and Spicy Food Day or my asking when and where they enjoyed the best chocolate cake on National Chocolate Cake Day. You can post food pictures of your restaurant related to the specific day.

Having discounts and engagement on social networking will surely increase your followers which in turn your sales.

Focus on Online Ordering and Delivery

Food Delivery

One of the reasons to slow down the sales in January is cold weather. People don’t wish to step out of their house and have dine-in – so don’t make them. With advanced technologies and lifestyles, online food ordering and delivery has already changed the business in a good way. Online food ordering and delivery is the best and the biggest way to bring back up your sales. It is one of best restaurant marketing ideas for January.

There are several people who opt for delivery and enjoy their meal from the warmth and comfort of their homes. You can add special discounts so that people get attracted and tempt to order. You have to make sure that your delivery process is running smoothly, quality is of the best quality, delivery boys are prompt and consistent, restaurants and delivery boys are following all the norms of contactless delivery. This will help you to keep loyal customers even when the weather gets warmer.

Healthy Menu

Marketing Ideas for January

Whether people gain weight or not, January is all about New Year Resolutions. This means people want to eat healthy food to lose weight or want to want to healthy as they have eaten a lot during celebrations.  This becomes mandatory for any restaurant to add healthy food items to its menu.

One benefit of adding a healthy menu is people want to eat healthy food but are bored of eating regular diet food. Your chefs can make some interesting food keeping in mind the calories. Posting pictures and mentioning nutrients or calories will definitely attract customers and there will be gain in the profits. In addition, you can have a healthy food subscription plan for your customer.

Help the Society

January is celebrated National Blood Donor Month. You can run a long month charity event. You can give 50% discounts on the food items to someone who has donated. Your restaurant can create a campaign around blood donation. You can post pictures of your employees donating blood on social media. Studies have shown that customers appreciate good causes and are loyal to the brands. This shows you are not only focusing on the profits but also care for the community. The audience will surely appreciate your efforts.

Revamp your Digital Tool

New Year is the perfect time to revamp your most valuable digital tool – website and apps. Website and Apps are the first impressions on your restaurant of the customer. It’s beneficial to utilize this slow period to redo your digital tool. Checking contact details are at the proper place, food images are crystal clear, design change if needed, ordering in a few clicks, page optimization, and so on. These small changes can make a difference between a guest deciding to order or not.

Launch something new

Launching something new does not have to big or brand-new innovative thing. You might want to start a printing system, loyalty programs, or anything like these but did not start for some reason. This is the right time to take out your list and put all those into place. Proper marketing on your new launch on social media will help you in the business.

Email Newsletter

Marketing Ideas for January

Apart from the website and social media, an email newsletter is useful for marketing. This is the perfect time for building your email following. Your newsletter can be used for announcing promotions, new launches, discounts. Sending emails at the proper time is the key to marketing through the newsletter.

Promotions on Social Networking Sites

Social Media

Promoting all the activities running on social networking sites are the most important factor to grab customers’ attention. All the activities like launching something new, celebrating food days, new revamped website, healthy menu, helping society will help you to reach more audience. Hence, you will gain profits.

In addition, you can share healthy and classic recipes, have online cooking classes will help your business. All this is achievable if you use proper hashtags on various platforms. This will help to grow the business not just in January but throughout the year.

               Who said January has to be a lost month? By implementing the above restaurant marketing ideas for January, your business will gain profits not just in January but throughout the year. You can also check marketing ideas during Covid in detail.

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