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Cheap Food Delivery App

Cheapest Food Delivery App in 2021

Corona pandemic has created chaos in the food business. A huge number of restaurants and food businesses are forced to shut down. This means that every type of food business has been suffering over the past months, from the largest chains with locations all around the world to the small cafe. With people unable to meet in crowded public places, restaurants are significantly affected...


6 Must-have features of Franchise Online ordering System

A franchise is a business that is owned and operated by an individual (franchisee) but that is branded and overseen by a much larger—usually national or multinational company (the franchisor). Many of the stores and restaurants that you see every day are franchises: Pizza Hut, Subway, Dominos, and thousands more...



Most of the restaurant owners limit themselves to dine-in. In early 2020, restaurants were forced to shut down dine-in services in many countries. Those who choose to remain open are allowed to provide food via takeaway and delivery only. Even when they reopen dine-in service, customers will prefer takeaway for safety...

Food Delivery Startup

5 Secrets Behind the Successful Food Delivery Startups

The world is changing rapidly, and everyone changes with the world. Moreover, the world changed even faster than ever due to Covid-19. But if we want to move ahead, we have to embrace the change. Discoveries are now becoming intellectually, technologically, etc. For similar reasons, the growth of food delivery has increased over the decades... 

Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas for January

Traditionally, January is the slowest month of the year for restaurants. There are several reasons for it. New year resolutions, cold weather, spending huge money on celebrations, and exhaustion after big holidays. Restaurant owners enjoy their peak period of business from Thanksgiving to New Year. Even though owners and employees are bone-tired after stressful work during holidays, they should not repose...

Restaurant Order Taking App

6 Features Every Restaurant Order Taking App Should Have

You have to give what the customer wants. In the restaurant business where there is a lot of competition, how can one be different from competitors? Pleasant ambiance, behaviorism of waiters, food will give reviews. But the part which cannot be neglected is preparing delicious food and serving at the right time without any delay...

Cloud Kitchen

Things to know before starting a Cloud Kitchen

The growth in an online food ordering and delivery system has given a rise to the cloud kitchen. People orders through digital platforms like Uber Eats, Just Eat, Swiggy, and so on. Many of you might have ordered from a cloud kitchen without even knowing it...

Restaurant Ordering System


Everyone wants a return to some degree of normalcy. Like everyone, restaurant owners are also hoping for a change. They are looking for the best restaurant ordering system that meets the demands of the present and future. The right restaurant ordering and delivery system will play a huge part in success in 2020 and upcoming years...

contactless delivery-concept

contactless Delivery - Need for the food Indusrtry

The current pandemic has given rise to a new lifestyle of social distancing. People who were social once prefer to stay at home now. Online Food Ordering and Delivery has already been started in many developed and underdeveloped countries after the lock down. Restaurants have struggled and changed their way of doing business. They followed...

Contactless Menu

contactless menu - future of the food industry

Noshway has always believed in clients' first approach. We help them to increase turnover in every possible way. Hence, we absolutely don’t take commissions from them.  As a safety measure, we have introduced a feature called ‘CONTACTLESS MENU’ which is most essential due to COVID-19...

Food Truck


The Food Trucks Industry has expanded over the six years now and for a very good reason. Consumers changing behavior in favor of taste, uniqueness and at less prices. An advantage of having a food truck system is they change their locations and understand customers’ preferences regarding the foodFood trucks are competing not just with other food trucks but...

Food Truck


To start with – What is Food Truck? It is simply a restaurant on wheels. There are different food trucks like desserts truck, frozen or pre-packaged food truck while others have on-board kitchens. Food Truck has to be emerged to Online Business by starting Online Food Ordering and Delivery system. Even if this pandemic situation would have not been there, I highly recommend.... 


Single Restaurant System

Multi Restaurant System


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