Whats the cheapest food delivery app?

Whats the cheapest food delivery app?

Corona pandemic has created chaos in the food business. A huge number of restaurants and food businesses are forced to shut down. This means that every type of food business has been suffering over the past months, from the largest chains with locations all around the world to the small cafe. With people unable to meet in crowded public places, restaurants are significantly affected to open an online business. Every food owner must be looking for the cheapest food delivery app to partner with.

Whats the cheapest food delivery app?

To select any third-party aggregator, the owner must consider factors below –

  • Which food delivery app has lowest fees for restaurants?
  • Lowest fees for customers
  • Features of the food ordering and delivery system
  • Control over the system

So, which food delivery app is cheapest - UberEATS, Postmates, Grubhub or Doordash?







Upto 30%

Upto 30%

Upto 27%

Upto 30%

Service fee

usually around 15%

Usually around 20%

usually 5-10%

Usually around 10% to 11%

Delivery fee


$1.99 to $3.99 for Partner Merchants, $5.99 to $9.99 for all other merchants



Small cart fee

$2 and $3 if your order doesn’t exceed $10
and $15 respectively

$1.99 if your order doesn’t exceed $12

$2 if your order doesn’t exceed $10

$2 if your order doesn’t exceed $10

Cancellation fees





Activation fees





tablet and hardware rentals

Includes in activation fee





Set by UberEATS

Set by postmates

Set by grubhub

Set by doordash

­From the above analytics, you might have understood, restaurants have no control over these delivery service providers and the software. Therefore, causing a negative impact on your business’s reputation if the delivery company’s customer service is unsatisfactory. This is not to mention how exhausting it can be for restaurants to pay their service providers a steady commission. Your customers will think to order food with these heavy fees. You may experience communication issues with regard to orders, which can ultimately impact customers. For this, it’s better to have your own branded system which gives you complete access to the system with no commissions.

Which is the best and cheapest food delivery app in 2021?

Noshway Budget Friendly Software Award 2020

Noshway is awarded as ‘Budget-Friendly Software’ in the Food Delivery Software group for two consecutive years 2020 and 2021. These awards were created by Software Suggest Recognition Awards. Software Suggest is an online platform that helps organizations to select the best software solutions. With Noshway, you will not just get the cheapest but the best features for your restaurant online ordering system.

Given how easy and comfortable online food delivery is for the customer, its popularity and business will increase with time even after the pandemic has long been forgotten. Hence, restaurant’s investments and their own branded system will help them gain profitable margins.

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