Contactless Menu – Future of the Food Industry

Contactless Menu – Future of the Food Industry

Noshway has always believed in clients’ first approach. We help them to increase turnover in every possible way. Hence, we absolutely don’t take commissions from them. We have added special features like pre-ordering, table booking, digital payments, unlimited – customers, orders, menus, drivers, etc. 

As a safety measure, we have introduced a feature called ‘CONTACTLESS MENU’ which is most essential due to COVID-19. 

Scenario in Restaurants Post Lock Down


This is the scenario in your restaurant post lock down. You are losing almost 50% of the space. Therefore, the orders. COVID-19 has made everyone overly cautious. It has created a greater awareness of hygiene for everyone. Restaurants are taking the utmost precautions of food, delivery boys, chefs, warehouses, etc. You can check how preventive measures must be taken.

But has anyone thought about the customers who visit your place and touch the menu card ‘N’ number of times? The customer mostly touches the menu card than anything else. Unlike other items, the paper card menu cannot be sanitized after every use. Diners want to feel safe again. Hence, let them know the precautions that you are undertaking for them. In addition, increase their comfort levels by avoiding printed menus and replacing them with Contactless Menu.

What is Contactless Menu?

Ordering your favorite menu without touching the printed menu card is called contactless menu. It is kept at the counters, tables, doors for the customers. As a result, they can enjoy their food either dine-in or takeaway.

How QR Menu Ordering Works?

Scan QR code kept on table using mobile
Contactless Menu
Browse menu without opening website or downloading app
Contactless Menu1
Waiter takes an order like a normal table service
QR code bill
Customer makes payment on counter or table using digital method

Benefits of Contactless Menu

  • Complete Dining Experience.
  • Restaurant changes food prices easily when they want.
  • The Customer orders multiple times and pays when he finishes his meal.
  • Cost cutting on printed menus.
  • Avoids non-essential interaction between customer and waiter.
  • No sanitation required for menu cards.
  • No need to open website or download app.
  • Peace of mind for customers.

Contactless Menu is definitely the future of the food industry. Each and every restaurant must have this option for the safety of customers and the restaurant staff. Contactless Menu surely increases customers as they feel secure at your place.

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