Effects of Covid-19 on Online Food Ordering and Delivery

Effects of Covid-19 on Online Food Ordering and Delivery

Everyone is aware of dangerous coronavirus that it is infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth. The virus has now assumed the status of a pandemic, impacting almost every country across the globe. Though the lockdown has been apprised by the medical community as a necessary measure, the enforcement has left millions of people unprepared for this severe disruption.


During this lockdown phase, everything has been shut down from restaurants, groceries to bakeries & alcohol shops. Food is the basic necessity of every human being. Closing down of grocery shops has caused stumbling block in millions of people in most of the countries as they cannot cook at homes due to scarcity of food items. Most of the people have granted paid leaves to their maids. Hence, it has become difficult for people to manage office work, clean home and cook. Now government has given permission to reopen the restaurants in all the zones. But as this a lockdown, people will not step out of their homes and bring food. Life threatening disease will make people not to go in a crowded area even after the lockdown is ended. Social distancing will always be maintained which will affect in revenue generation of restaurants.

Ordering food online

The only solution for all this is having an online food ordering and delivery system. If you are a new entrepreneur or into restaurant business for several years, you should understand that it is high time that each restaurant should be on online platform. Online food ordering and delivery system is the future to the food business. It is challenging to sustain without having online presence. Restaurants see a 20% increase in check sizes from online and delivery orders versus dine-in-orders. This percentage is going to increase on an immense level due to coronavirus pandemic.

Having an online food delivery system for groceries, pizzas, alcohol, bakeries or any other on demand service will allow customers to order food easily and get it delivered to their homes. Be it a needy person or a person who is craving for restaurant food, anyone can order their favorite food from anywhere and get it delivered to their door steps. As a business owner, you can have a contactless option while delivery. Doordash and Foodora offers a contactless option for delivery but again you have to mention this while placing an order. Customers can safely place an order paying online itself. They can even pay tip amount online which can later be handed over to the delivery boy by the business owner.

Contactless food delivery

Even though everything is at place, customers will wary whether the food they are ordering and the delivery will be safe. Certain precautions have to be maintained by restaurant owners and delivery hub to ensure sanitized delivery and must be conveyed to the customers for satisfied ordering.

Preventive Measures to ensure safety food and sanitized delivery

Preventive Measures for Restaurants
  • Sanitize all the restaurants, warehouses, delivery hub frequently with appropriate disinfectants to ensure all the food products, utensils, furniture and vehicles are safe.
  • Regular check-up of all the employees for symptoms of being unwell.
  • Allow kitchen staff only to touch the food items.
  • Provide disposable face masks and gloves to all the employees.
  • Before proceeding to the delivery, drivers should be checked thoroughly of being unwell. If any driver is failing these checks will not be allowed for delivery.
  • Drivers should be equipped with gloves which will be changed after every delivery.
  • Contactless delivery option should be included. For cash on delivery, request customers to drop the cash in the envelope.

Other Benefits of online food ordering and delivery system for restaurants

For Customers Customers can order food of their choice online from anywhere. Customers can quickly decide what they want to order, when and where to deliver and how are they making payments. It’s convenient and attractive to wide range of people as its the easiest way to order food with multiple options. Online food ordering and delivery system makes it simple for people who don’t have time to cook.

For Restaurants – As everything is automated through the system, it becomes easy for the restaurants to manage – orders, reports, discounts, menu and many more. This saves time and increase profitability.

For Drivers – Only initial training is required. As driver will be have their own app, they can see restaurant and orders details and everything will run smoothly as its automated.

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