NoshWay – An Online Food Ordering and Delivery Software Open Source

NoshWay – An Online Food Ordering and Delivery Software Open Source

Like majority of people, you might have heard about Food delivery software open source
and wishing to try it. After all, why spend so much of money if you are getting it at free or at
less cost? For those who does not know about Open Source – Online food ordering system
open source is a software which can be used and customized by anyone. However, you
should realize using an open source software is not just a cup of tea. You should understand
the difference between open source software provided by programmers for free and
companies who charges for the system.


Control on the System

NoshWay provides complete access and control on the food ordering and delivery software
open source. We make websites live and deploy apps on Google and Apple stores and get it
approved for our clients. Unlike other companies who charge extra for uploading apps on
the stores, we do free of cost.
Yes, the open source software’s who offer for free also gives you control over the software
but you need to have technical skills to configure and maintain your open source for the
food delivery system. You cannot launch the website and the apps if you are not a


Source Code

You might get a question – Do I have to work with you for life time? Absolutely No. You are
not bound to work with us for life time as we provide full food ordering and delivery
software source code. You can hire any local developer and ask him to customize or modify
the system. You are always welcome if you want us to add features in the future.
Mostly people who wants to start business in food industry will be restaurant owners and
business persons. There are high chances that they will not be technical persons. So, if you
take open source software’s which are free then what is the use of taking source code and
then hiring a developer to make what you want. Here the drawback is developer will study
the code and then will try to implement and needless to say you have to pay them.


Bug Free System

Our food delivery system has a clean code. We upgrade our code with the latest versions of
website and apps. Our experienced developers keep adding new features by taking survey
from the restaurants regularly.
The programmers whose open source code are readily available are the learners who are
eager to write a code on a specific software. Few codes are full of bugs, not upgraded to the

newer versions, incomplete codes. Few of them upload these codes just to get money for
the efforts put in for coding. But if it has so many problems or are not up to the mark then
why one should purchase?



We understand that our clients are not from technical background. Hence, they have n-
number of questions regarding the system like how does the system works, server, creating
accounts on stores etc. We are with our clients during the project, post launch of the system
and anytime they want in the future. We answer our client’s questions regarding the system
and how it works, suggests domain names and servers which are good for them depending
upon the country, help in creating the accounts and many more. You can directly contact us
on WhatsApp, Skype or Email.
Mostly programmers with free open source code does not support in installation, answering
your questions, creating accounts nor suggests server and domain names. They are not
easily available every time you need. Only medium to contact them is email and time taken
to respond is long.


Time and MoneY

You might think food ordering and delivery software open source which are free saves your
money and time. In fact, it’s a time-consuming process and costs you much higher than the
ones which charge at the start. You have to setup the websites and apps on your own, learn
how the system works, study about domain name; server; accounts, if there are bugs then
keep contacting the programmer, higher developer if you cannot do on your own and pay
Instead of investing your time in technical things, invest in marketing and start your business
ASAP and gain profits.

Thinking of working with us but don’t have budget or unsure of the outcome? Don’t worry
NoshWay provides food ordering and delivery system on SAAS based. Unlike other
companies, we don’t take any commissions per order and there is no limitation or
restriction on any feature. You will have unlimited- restaurants, customers, food products,
orders, drivers. The system will be on your unique domain and apps will be on your name.
Just pay setup cost and monthly maintenance costs and get your business started within 5