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Marvelous Features of our Pizza Ordering Software & Pizza Delivery Software

Half & Half

Customers can order any two pizzas to make one. The cost of that pizza is half the price of Side A plus half the price of Side B.

Combo Packages

It combines two or more menu items together and charges less than if the same menu items were sold individually.

Choice of Crusts

Every person has their own unique definition of the perfect pizza crust. This feature allows customers to select crust as per their choice.

Toppings Selection

Admin creates toppings available for additional purchase and sells them along with needed menu items. Customers add their favorite toppings to pizza while ordering.

Side Dishes

Admin can add other side dishes that he thinks may compliment the order: be it a soft drink, salad, dessert, etc.

Delivery Tracking

The pizza delivery tracking system enables users to place orders via their mobile devices. It helps to check the progress of their pizza delivery with GPS tracking.

Best suited for Chain of Pizzerias, Independent Pizzeria and Multi Pizzerias

It is suitable for a single pizza restaurant with multiple branches like Dominos or Pizza Hut. Customers can do a geolocation search and order from the nearest pizzeria joint. Benefits -

  • Admin controls all the branches with a centralized panel
  • Each branch has its own panel, android, and iOS apps to manage the orders
  • Each branch can have its own drivers to manage the deliveries
  • Works on multi locations and currencies
  • The duplicate menu feature lets you copy all the menus to different branches

It is suitable for a single pizza restaurant to manage online orders and deliveries. It is similar to slice app. The package consists of -

  • Customer ordering website, android and iOS apps
  • Restaurant web panel, android, and iOS apps
  • Driver panel, driver android, and iOS apps

This is suitable for local pizza restaurants aggregator businesses like GrubHub or UberEats for pizza. Benefits -

  • Works on a membership or commission basis
  • Admin controls all the restaurants through a centralized panel
  • Each vendor has independent panel and mobile apps to manage the orders, menu, promotional activities, etc
  • Driver panel to manage deliveries and track the delivery agents in real time. 
  • Driver android, and iOS apps for food delivery
  • Admin can set limitations on the menu or the usage

We build stunning pizza ordering app & pizza delivery app

Design best apps and spend less time without restricting creative freedom.

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Noshway design
Noshway app design

We build stunning pizza ordering app & pizza delivery app

Design best apps and spend less time without restricting creative freedom.

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Noshway design
Noshway app design
For iPhones
For Android

Pizza POS System

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Integration with Delivery Platform
Real Time Reporting& Analytics
Multiple Payment Methods

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Common FAQs on Pizza Ordering System

It is a software that allows customers to order pizza online through a website or mobile app.

Yes, by optimizing delivery routes, reducing errors, and improving efficiency, pizza delivery software can help you save money on labor, fuel costs, and other expenses.

Yes, the pizza delivery tracking system provides customers with a map view of the delivery driver’s location.

No, pizza delivery software is also beneficial for small pizza businesses.

Yes, there are many online pizza ordering system software providers that offer easy-to-use platforms with customizable features to meet the specific needs of your restaurant.

The system can improve customer satisfaction, reduce order errors, and streamline the delivery process for the restaurant.

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