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Is Epos just a craze?

Absolutely Not. Businesses are increasingly moving towards the digital world to grow the revenue. Moreover, EPoS is the technology which many businesses like retail, restaurants, medicine stores are adopting. Firstly for streamlining business operations. And secondly for improving customer experience. 

One should always try new strategies for the growth of any business. But business owners are not getting enough time in planning these strategies. This is because they are busy maintaining admin tasks like accounting, staffing, stock management. EPoS makes this simpler as it has features like inventory control, accepting payments, and saving in the database. As a result, it saves time and helps owners to utilize their time in new plans.

Order Placing

How do customers place an order? Through websites, apps, over the phone, physically in the restaurant. Customers who place orders via online is easy and need not be in a queue. But what if customers place orders over the phone or restaurant? There are chances that there will be a miscommunication of the orders. Also, each time a staff member has to go to the kitchen and show the order and save it in the register or computer. EPoS has features to take orders, make payments, save data in the database, directly print orders in the kitchen. This reduces queue, waiting time, and improves customer satisfaction.    You can check Why Restaurants Should Have an Online Ordering System?


Staff plays an important role in any business and if a company has software with user-friendly features then it helps staff to remain engaged in the operations and to retain in same company for more time. EPoS system helps to prepare payroll for all the employees. This saves a lot of money in the book keeping department. An EPoS system can organize profit and loss statements and VAT. It can even integrate with your accounting software which could reduce your accountancy costs.


EPoS helps to manage finances with ease. Spotting opportunities for savings is easy when a company is clear on incoming revenue and outgoing costs. Inventories can be checked with regular stock verification to ensure theft, mismanagement or poor portion control aren’t costing your business money. Some systems are linked directly to suppliers, and orders are generated and sent based on par stock levels.

New Customers

Gaining new customers, retaining customers, and creating brand awareness requires good marketing skills. This can be done over the radio, hiring marketing companies, hoardings, and so on. This requires a lot of money and needs to be reliable for others. EPoS helps for direct campaigning in the form of email newsletters and texts on events and offers to boost revenue. By doing this, it saves money and has the authority to do as you want.

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