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Restaurant Online Ordering System & Software
Restaurant Online Ordering System & Software

A perfect restaurant online ordering software

Noshway is a restaurant ordering system software. It helps restaurants become more efficient in their operations by streamlining their ordering process. The software is designed to be intuitive, easy to use and offer a variety of features that the user can customize.

Features for Customer Super Admin

The restaurant mobile ordering app and website allows customers to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered. It's a great way to get easy convenience with your favorite meals, as you can place orders for takeout, or a table reservation for the next day.

The admin panel helps with order management in a restaurant. It helps you to manage the list of drivers and customers, as well as your kitchen staff, who work in-house.

Web, Android & iOS Apps


Featured Restaurants
Restaurants Near You
Offer Section
Restaurant Filters
Loyalty Points
Food Listings
Track Order
SMS, Email & Push Notifications
Call To Driver

Super Admin

Add New Merchant
Driver Assignment
Membership Packages
Vouchers And Offers
Manage Location, Language & Currency
Commission Settings
Sponsored Listing
Reviews And Ratings
Multi Admin Management
Charts & Reports
Registration Reports
Multi Restaurant Ordering System & App
Panel, Android & iOS Apps


Opening, Closing Time
Delivery Distance And Time Estimation
Food Menu with add-ons
Search By Postal Code Or Zip Code
Offers & Vouchers
Packaging and Delivery Charges
Min & Max Purchase Amount
Order Assignment
Total Earnings
SMS, Email & Push Notifications
Detailed Reports
Panel, Android & iOS Apps


Google Maps Routing
SMS, Email & Push Notifications
Order Assignment Methods
RealTime Driver Tracking
Accept Or Reject Order
Order details
Call To Customer
Delivery Proof
Feedback Of Customer
Detailed Reports
Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App Online

Features for Merchant Driver

The Restaurant Online Ordering Software allows restaurant owners to manage orders, customers, food items, promotions and many more tasks that can be difficult to do manually.

Delivery admin can now manage orders assigned by restaurants and controlling drivers more easily, thanks to software that assists with the process.

Increase efficiency & sales with our restaurant ordering system software

Online Ordering Platform For Restaurants


Advanced restaurants are utilizing mobile ordering software and printer add-ons to cut down on human error and increase their efficiency. Some of the leading chains now use their apps to take orders from customers in real-time. Noshway's Printer module automatically prints a free receipt once an order is placed. It can be used by a restaurant owner, or as recommended by experts to provide your customers with quality receipts that accurately display their order.

This mobile printer is perfect for use within an already existing restaurant ordering system software. It is integrated with any BT thermal printer or compatible ESC/POS, so it offers high efficiency, productivity, and ease of use for those who cannot manage their own print queues all day.

Automatic or manual print new orders
Print using order taking android or iOS app

Loyalty Program

Implementing a loyalty program can help to engage existing customers and reach new ones. Boost your revenue by using a proven customizable program in your restaurant's online ordering software. Loyalty programs for restaurants can be basic, but lucrative.

Customers typically value free deliveries, earning points, and discounts. The online ordering platform for restaurant & food loyalty program has been designed accordingly to emphasize these aspects.

Earn points on purchasing a food item, account sign up, adding a review on the restaurant, at your first order. Option to redeem the points or convert to discount
Restaurant Owner
Set the earning point value and its corresponding value in amount - enable and disable the program - set end on earning points - Set customer can apply points over orders - Set Minimum points that can be used. The owner can view a complete list of earn points per customer and logs of earn points
Restaurant Delivery Software & App
Restaurant Online Ordering Software & System
Restaurant Online Ordering System & App


Noshway offers an Export-Import add-on, which allows you to export data from your restaurant ordering system and import it into your desktop, mobile, or any other app that can create a text CSV file.

If you export from the same restaurant software to a different format, don't worry about having to change it later since it will already be configured. This simple add-on can save your time and easily create more food items. With this, the kitchen can multiply the menu without any hassle.

settings like opening hours, delivery estimation, etc.
personal information
each food item

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Ready made online ordering system for restaurants

Some powerful features of online ordering system for restaurants

Dynamic Theme
Change style and search options like address, restaurant, cuisine to whatever they prefer.
Manage language to appear on the front end & back end. Online ordering platform for restaurants supports LTR and RTL.
Sponsored Listing
Monetize your restaurant ordering system software business by adding sponsored vendors.
Customizable order, payment, and booking templates notified through SMS, push, and email.
Limit SMS
Set limit to number of SMS restaurants can use to update customers about new offers and order notifications.
Multiple options to create different types of vendor subscriptions on a fixed or percentage basis.
Restaurant Ordering System Software

Restaurant mobile ordering app for each vendor

This is a big add-on for restaurant software of ordering and delivery. Admin has multiple restaurants enlisted on the marketplace but each will have its own ordering app. The admin manages all single restaurants in one dashboard.

The backend of this custom app connects a single restaurant app using API. This means that, when paired with our online ordering platform for restaurants, you cannot run it as a standalone.

Restaurant Online Ordering System FAQs

An online food ordering system is a platform for restaurants and grocery stores. It helps them in accepting food orders and delivery online. With Noshway, you can create a similar online ordering system that will be a perfect option for your business. It collects the customer contact information, delivery details through the system.

Hi, you can create an online food ordering platform for your restaurants through Noshway. All it takes is to add the items and it’s details through the restaurant panel, alterations to match your branding.

There are multiple advantages of having restaurant ordering system software. For instance, it’s one click away, secured payment gateways, faster and comfortable, visually pleasing, simple to manage, and most importantly it’s a one-time investment especially when you build it from Noshway.

What makes Noshway different from other online ordering systems is the valuable services we offer. Our team aims at catering services to business owners, clients, delivery networks, and more. Besides, for two consecutive years, we have been recognized as the Budget-Friendly Software Awards. Our clientele portfolio is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Hi, yes you will be able to customize your restaurant profile on the app. Our online restaurant delivery software has a diverse range of customization options. You can do it on your own or get in touch with our technical support team. 

If you have a query related to the business app, you can contact our customer service representatives and convey your concern to us.

Hi, the online restaurant mobile ordering app will help you in connecting with your audience. However, it depends largely upon your branding and marketing strategies to increase online orders.

The reason to invest in a mobile ordering app is it reaches a wider audience and helps in providing the utmost comfort at the fingertip via cellphone. Businesses are moving towards online portals and it’s high time to invest in the restaurant mobile ordering app.

Hi yes, we offer training in updating the menu afterward. However, if you face any trouble, we are happy to assist you at any step.


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Feature rich and awesome product. Great value for money too. We changed from another product and never regretted it.

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Simply amazing software. The customer service is also good. I recommend everyone to work with Noshway.

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