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Restaurant Order Taking App – 6 Must-Have Features

Restaurant Order Taking App

               You have to give what the customer wants. In the restaurant business where there is a lot of competition, how can one be different from competitors? Pleasant ambiance, behaviorism of waiters, food will give reviews. But the part which cannot be neglected is preparing delicious food and serving at the right time without any delay. Restaurant Order taking app simplifies this process and helps to build loyal customers.

               In the digital world, it does not matter how your website looks. Important is proper process of taking, making, and delivering orders to the customers at the right time. To make sure this happens, the restaurant order taking app must have features below apart from regular ones.

Easy Printing Facility

With a restaurant order taking app, you and your kitchen staff prints the orders easily. This is done just using a mobile device. With any Bluetooth enabled thermal printer, receipts are printed automatically, These orders are printed as soon as the restaurant receives the order. This reduces in and out at your restaurant. Hence, service is quick and food is delivered at right time.

Handy Menu Modifications

Menu Management

Every restaurant loves to create new recipes and serve them to their customers. Restaurant order taking app allows you to do every possible addition, deletion, alteration in the food menu. These modifications are made as and when required just in simple clicks. You set and alter the prices of the food menu when you want easily using mobile.

Quick Creation of Discounts

Make your customers happy by offering discounts. Creation of discounts is on a frequent basis. There are discounts for seasonal, festivals, new food items, etc. Hence, the app provides this facility in a quick and easy way. Instead of opening the desktop each time, it is best if it’s done via mobile.

Simplified Order Assignment

No need to switch between several tabs to take, process, and assign orders to the delivery boys. The restaurant order taking app simplifies all the hassle of assigning orders to the drivers. You set an automatic assignment of the orders to the drivers using a delivery system. The driver app is also an important app in the food ordering and delivery system. Things get simpler when everything is automatic and not in a traditional way.

Detailed Reports

You constantly monitor the restaurant’s performance using an app. This is possible because app allows you to get all the important information like sales summary, sales by food item, customers details, etc.

Multiple Users

Multi user restaurant taking app

The restaurant order taking app has multiple users. Each member of the kitchen staff can use the app. This benefits in preparing the food faster than usual as each food counter. Because they know if they have an order as soon as the customer places an order. As the chef knows their entire agenda in their hands, there are fewer errors and faster deliveries.

Restaurant Order Taking App Impacts Sales

               A restaurant order taking app definitely improves business. There are other features of the food ordering and delivery system which one must include in the restaurant business. You eliminate traditional pen and paperwork and give faster deliveries. All of these must-have features are give your customers the highly personalized experience they want which results in loyalty and repeat business.

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