Top 5 Advantages Of Online Pizza Ordering System

Top 5 Advantages Of Online Pizza Ordering System

Are you an owner of the pizzeria and thinking whether it is profitable to have an online pizza ordering system? The survey tells 41% of adults say that the availability of online food ordering makes them more likely to choose a restaurant over another. Below are the advantages of online pizza ordering system.

Increases Sales

We are surrounded by people who are busy in work life, few are lazy, shy, or foodie. Each individual expects everything on fingertips as we live in a digital world. On average, orders placed online are 18% higher than those placed by phones.

Pizza Hut’s target market includes adults 20 to 54 years old who socialize and have families. Children are a big part of our market, at a third of the population in this area. Ages 4 to 19 prefer pizza over any fast food and often influence family dining decisions. According to one study, 93% of the U.S. population eats pizza.

Having pizza online ordering and delivery system makes it easy to select pizza as you see the entire menu on the website or app and more the menu items you see there is a probability you order more and get it delivered.

Selection of Toppings

 Everyone likes to have their own toppings. It becomes easy to select toppings of your own as you can take your own time and select when it comes to ordering online. Here of course pizzeria staff will keep toppings options which goes well with that particular pizza along with their prices. Each time you order, you can try different toppings as past orders will be saved in the order history. If you order over the phone then you might not recollect which toppings you had ordered previously. Also, there are pizza lovers who love to customize their own pizza. Giving options for vegetables, sauces, cheese, etc helps in sales as this is not possible over the phone.

Hassle - Free Orders

Online pizza ordering system helps to make and take hassle-free orders. Customers can take their own time and select pizza when it’s online whereas when customers orders over the phone or is in the store then there might be miscommunication over the toppings, price, etc. There are chances that orders will be placed wrong by pizzeria staff and indirectly it will affect the sales.

Recommendations of Add-Ons

Through the online pizza ordering system, pizzeria staff can recommend and upload add-ons like garlic breadstick, choco lava, cold drinks, etc on website and apps. This will tempt customers and there are more chances that they purchase addons with pizza. Many customers love to create their own pizza and this is possible when it’s online. You can select your own crust, size, sauces, toppings and make your own pizza. This will directly lead to an increase in sales.

Loyal Customers

By learning ordering patterns of customers and sending them messages or emails on that particular day or time will make them loyal customers. Emails and numbers will be recorded in the database easily when customers order online which is not possible when customers visit the store.

Just having a pizza ordering system is not enough, proper marketing is the tool to the success of any business. You can read marketing tips here.

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