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What restaurant ordering system must include in 2020?

               Everyone wants a return to some degree of normalcy. Like everyone, restaurant owners are also hoping for a change. They are looking for the best restaurant ordering system that meets the demands of the present and future. The restaurant business will never fail if you have out of the box features and the best quality food. The right restaurant ordering and delivery system will play a huge part in success in 2020 and the upcoming years.

If you are searching for a restaurant ordering system, here are the features you must have in your system –

Contactless Delivery

Contactless Delivery

The best way to build customer’s trust and maintain social distancing is Contactless Delivery. The idea behind this concept is the safety of restaurants, drivers, and customers. The customer will order from ordering web/app and select contactless delivery as a delivery method. Further, the delivery boy will leave the parcel at the doorstep instead of waiting for someone to collect the parcel. As a result, there is no physical contact between the delivery boy and the customer.

Contactless Menu

Contactless Menu

Contactless Menu is definitely the future of the food industry. Customers can easily order by scanning the QR code kept at the door or on the counter using his own phone. In addition, pay the bill and eat food at their homes. Restaurants can keep a QR menu on each table for dine-in. Customers can enjoy a complete dining experience. It helps in the safety of restaurant staff and customers You will increase customers’ comfort levels by avoiding printed menus and replacing them with Contactless Menu. This is in turn will increase your sales in online ordering, pick up, and dine-in.

High Speed Operation Process

Restaurant Ordering App

One of the major reasons to beat the restaurant ordering system competition is having a high-speed operation process. Customers place orders in simple clicks. In addition, the restaurant staff performs the operations within seconds. This is possible by the restaurant app. Noshway’s restaurant app has all the features that are available on the restaurant panel. It includes order management, food management, delivery management, promotions, etc. Further, drivers handle delivery automatically as soon as restaurant staff accepts the order.

Easy to Set Up Menu

Restaurant Menu

Covid-19 has made everyone overly cautious and health freak. People are opting for healthy food to increase immunity. On the other hand, there are youngsters who are bored of eating homemade food all these months. They eagerly want to taste the restaurant’s unique food. Considering these points, restaurants should change the menu accordingly. Our restaurant app allows you to change the menu directly through an app or website in easy steps. Including healthy food and fast food will surely increase your sales. Restaurants can create combos to attract customers.

Insightful Reporting

It is very important to understand consumer behavior which leads to business decisions. Reporting lets you know the trending food menu and food category, which days and times are busiest, profits earned for each food item purchased. This helps restaurants to bring stock and prepare food accordingly. Promoting trending food menus brings more profit to the restaurants.

Impart Bonuses to Drivers

Like everyone, drivers went through a difficult phase during the lockdown. Drivers are putting their lives into risk so that we enjoy the food at home. Drivers are helping restaurants and customers. It is time to make them happy for their great job by giving bonuses for –

  • Rain
  • Difficult journey
  • Mistakes of restaurant or delivery address during accepting the order
  • Special Hours
  • Or other any other bonus

By doing this, drivers will sign up with your restaurant and you can run your business successfully. Our system allows us to add any bonuses, manage them through the system itself.

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