Why restaurants must consider online table reservations?

Why restaurants must consider online table reservations?

It’s no secret that no matter how well you run a restaurant business, you still look for solutions to increase sales. Restaurateurs focus on online food delivery, social media, dine-in which are no doubt the best ways to boost revenue. But you are missing out on the current trend and that is online table reservation.

What is table reservation?

A table reservation offers guests the convenience of booking a table online or over the phone. It enables them to choose their tables, date, time, and number of guests. Further, advanced systems even allow customers to mention the instructions about the event, allergies or other things to be placed on their table at the time of arrival or later.

Benefits of Table Reservation

In this day and age, it is common for restaurants to offer table bookings to their customers. Even though few of the restaurants followed the first-come, first-served method, most of the restaurants shifted to online table reservations due to covid-19 50% seated dinners. As it has become a part of the restaurant service, guests are tending to use this offer. I’m sure we all agree that while some people are extremely tech-savvy, others seem to struggle with manually recording in a logbook. With an online approach, there are huge benefits for customers as well as restaurants.

For Restaurants

Offering an online table booking system is beneficial for restaurants to increase the demand. As customers know there is a limited capacity of seats in the restaurant, they will book a table instead of facing a long waiting time.

When restaurants know how many guests to expect through reservations they can better schedule staff and resources. When a restaurant takes reservations, hosts can better expect when tables will be free to give more accurate wait times. This is particularly important for restaurants trying to keep up social distancing and prevent overcrowding in waiting areas.

The restaurant online ordering software saves customers’ online delivery, dine-in, and table booking information all in one place. This data can be used to create marketing activities in the form of discounts via SMS or email marketing. This will increase revenue with repeat customers.

Reservation systems can be managed through something small as mobile or iPad. This means you dump the old method of recording in a notebook. This reduces errors that can be made by taking reservations over the phone.

When customers provide information about the celebration, they can act on it without being asked by customers. Restaurant staff can bring out dessert for a birthday celebration. This makes a great impression on the customers.

For Customers

The clear benefit guests will get is the security that they will experience when going out to the restaurant. Instead of arriving at the restaurant to wait for a free table, they make their reservation over the phone or through food delivery software, and their seating is guaranteed.

When you run online table booking, you can also include an order online with pre-ordering and prepayment. Your customers won’t have to wait for their food, and you will limit the number of no-shows.

As the restaurant knows at what time and how many people will arrive, a comfortable table with enough seats and space will be reserved and the restaurant’s staff will be prepared to serve the arriving group. This improves the quality of service and makes customers happy.

If you’re looking to increase your restaurant’s sales and want your guests a convenient dining experience then contact us.

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