Why the delivery boy gets annoyed during cash on delivery orders?

Why the delivery boy gets annoyed during cash on delivery orders?

Delivery Boy

Multi restaurant online food ordering system changes the eating habits of people as they get to try various cuisines from different restaurants. 

People place orders on online food ordering and delivery system. And they pay through digital payment methods like a credit card, debit card, and unified payment gateways.

 Few consumers prefer to pay via cash which annoys delivery boy for many reasons as follows – 

Exact Order Amount

Customers are requested to keep the exact order amount for cash on delivery requests. But it is the exact opposite, customers pay food bills in currency notes and expect change from the delivery boys. There are more than 400 orders per month to the delivery hub and each driver will get 100 orders per month. Therefore, it is difficult to arrange small denomination notes or coins. Even if customers indicate that they will require a change of a certain amount while placing an order on an online food ordering and delivery platform, it’s not easy to arrange the exact change every time. This annoys delivery boy which leads to their bad attitude.

Manage Cash Deposit

The delivery boy has to deposit cash collected from the customers either to the delivery hub or the restaurants. Traveling to the delivery hub or the restaurant affects the delivery boy’s time and the new orders. If payment is made online then the delivery boy can save his time in traveling, time at the restaurant/delivery hub, and can focus on his work more.

Security of Cash

If payments are made online, delivery boys are fearless as they don’t have to look after the money. If the customer pays via cash then they have to take utmost care as delivery boys get orders from long distance and sometimes, they have to travel even at the night.

Festive Days

Multi restaurant online food ordering and delivery systems offer huge discounts on festive days. The orders are doubled are on a continual basis. The average value of the order is also increased. During the festive days, there is an opportunity for the delivery boys to grab massive incentives. Delivery boys want to give their best by completing as many orders as they can. Due to cash on delivery method, they tend to lose time, orders which in turn their incentives.

Bad Ratings

If the delivery boy does not have a chance and if he argues with the customer under frustration then the customer might give a bad rating and this will affect delivery boy’s job as their incentives are dependent upon the no. of orders and ratings given by the customers.

                Well, we cannot deny that online food ordering and delivery system and pay online is helpful in life and sometimes it is increasing your efficiency and saves time.

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